Our Mission:

The #YouthEmploymentChallenge seeks to engage and empower young people to better understand their needs relating to workforce development and employment. 

By collaborating directly with the youth in our community, we will be able to improve the quality and quantity of jobs, job trainings, and economic opportunities. We do this by collecting and redistributing data that will inform policy makers and advocacy groups. By participating in our yearly survey, you will shape the way we mobilize for economic equality in Newburgh. 

Data tells a story.


Challenges…and Opportunities

Young people are the fastest growing population in the region. The transition to adulthood plays an important role in helping youth succeed socially and economically. Similar to other cities, local economic opportunities for youth are extremely limited.  Young people are being left behind. In the past, every generation did better than the next but that is no longer the case. 

Increasing employment among youth also decreases acts of violence and can be used as an approach to violence prevention.  Connecting youth to meaningful jobs and other opportunities is not just vital for their future; it is also essential for our community and for our country. 

Challenges like these mainly impact low-income communities and communities of color. The #YouthEmploymentChallenge seeks to empower those impacted by these inequalities by collaborating directly with Newburgh youths to improve the quality and quantity of jobs, job trainings, and economic opportunities.


We engage with statistics, build opportunity through community, and redistribute resources.


Many youths are finding their way and trying to understand their purpose. College isn’t for everyone. Apprenticeship and internship programs are an alternative to higher education – not a lesser choice. Apprenticeship programs have been shown to help youth obtain high wage jobs with career potential. 91% of apprentices find work upon completing a program. Their average annual salary is about $60,000. Statistics like these and data compiled from our surveys will be used to guide and inform the design and delivery of career programming for youths in our Newburgh community. Our data will inform policy makers and advocacy groups and will shape the way we mobilize for economic equality in Newburgh.


If today’s youth are not successful, another generation of artistic young minds will remain underutilized and the cycle of poverty will continue.  


Newburgh is about ambition and passion. 

Newburgh is about purpose. 

Newburgh is about the grind – how hard you work to get somewhere. 

Newburgh is about dedication. 

Newburgh is about growth…… 

Growth and Equal Economic Opportunity for All… Including our Youth!
— Taeshira Jackson, founder of TheYouthEmploymentChallenge

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Taeshira Jackson, MSW 

Taeshira Jackson was born and raised in Newburgh, NY. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Marketing & Management from Berkeley College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Mount St. Mary College. Taeshira is a Certified Life Coach, Grant/Proposal writer, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University in May 2019. She has a passion for youth activism and empowerment- helping young people create plans that take them from where they are to where they want to be. Taeshira has a vision to empower youth to thrive in the face of adversity using educational programing.